Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Longing to Belong


Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Longing to Belong

How often do you feel yourself longing to belong? What does belonging mean to you?

I hear my clients talk about feelings of being left out, feelings of not being in the inner circle of their activities.

I ask them how they know they don’t ‘belong’ and their answers vary from specific incidents of fact to wild fantasies.

If you daydream about your experiences, you may be able to take advantage of this practice by including the intention of reflecting on the positive experiences you’ve had that day.

You can build a repertoire of experiences so that you can fall back on these memories to bolster your confidence and begin proving to yourself that you ‘belong’.

Any changes you make take work.

Pay attention to what is good today. Think of events, people, what strikes your fancy and how you’ve been feeling.

By using daydreams or visualization you can actively notice the qualities of beauty and kindness around you and begin to make a plan to rid yourself of longing.

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