Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: How to Become Stronger

 Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: How to Become Stronger

Of course I’m talking about inner strength, although exercise can benefit both the body and the mind. How to become stronger (not a new idea).

What can benefit your desire to be stronger is having a concrete plan:


  • Write down the details , it’s okay to state the negative things. You can use these to measure your progress.
  • What about this are you willing to change?
  • What are the details that represent improvement?
  • Write these down.
  • How would I know you were feeling stronger?
  • As always, it’s good to describe how you ‘feel’ by using the scale from zero to ten, 0 having no feeling and 10 indicating intense feeling.
  • Breathe in to the count of 4, hold for 4 and exhale to 8. Repeat.
  • While you are relaxed, enjoy visualizing the improvements you’ve written and how you’ll be different.

Taking charge of your life this way can lead to improved inner strength.

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