Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Have a Plan to Enjoy

Plan to Enjoy

 Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Have a Plan to Enjoy

Do you enjoy yourself every day?


My guess would be your answer is no. We’re all so busy living our lives and getting everything done that enjoyment is not something we consider.

Using Self-Hypnosis can be helpful to discover those things that you know you want to do, accomplish and enjoy…and then, once you become aware, you need a plan.

  1. Write down everything you can think of that represents enjoyment.
  2. Now break the list into categories such as:
  • Places you’d like to see in your home town.
  • Places you’d like to visit that would take more effort.
  • People you’d like to spend more time with.
  • People you’d like to meet.
  • Activities you haven’t taken the time to do.
  • And the list can go on and on.

Have fun with your plan to enjoy yourself.

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