Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Get Control of Stress

Control Stress

Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Get Control of Stress

Stressed spelled backwards is ‘dessert’s. This makes an easy joke of the serious condition people find themselves in when they’ve chosen to diet instead of change their lifestyle.

Everyone feels stress when they deny themselves food.

Take away your desserts and you will feel stressed.

  1. The best way to drop those extra pounds:Think of a time when you looked and felt your best. Really feel this.
  2. Get a clear picture of it. Is it in color? Is it black and white?
  3. You’ll want to make this picture as specific as possible so that you can access it any time you want.
  4. Is it a photograph or a memory?
  5. Choose the foods that are best for you to eat to accomplish your goal.
  6. Write down these foods and place the list in the kitchen for reference.
  7. Every morning when you wake up, visualize your ‘best’ self.
  8. Every night when you go to bed, visualize your ‘best’ self.
  9. After a couple of weeks of using this simple visualization, try imagining the picture of yourself hovering just a little above you and see it dropping down into your body.
  10. When you’re tempted by foods you don’t want to eat, see this picture… and use the technique. You will feel how good being at your best feels.

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