Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Are You Worthy?

Are You Worthy?

Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Are You Worthy?

Can you really measure your worth? Not your money but your value to those who love and are loved by you?

And can you increase your value?
You can measure your value to those around you by the response you get from your attention and caring for them.

Snapping out of our daily trance allows us to be awake for the important moments in our lives.

Everyone is worthy. But not all of you feel this way. Consider what you’re saying about your value to yourself.

When you recognize your true value, you act as though.

When you pay attention to the positive influence you have on others, their actions are a mirror of your worth. Enjoy noticing this.

Soak up the feeling of being appreciated without needing to be told.

When you can feel the value of others’ positive influence in you, you can soak that up and feel worthy.

Use self-hypnosis to contemplate these ideas.

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