Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Are You Always ‘Improving”?


Always Improving

Hypnosis Portland, Oregon: Are You Always ‘Improving”?

What I notice about my clients who are always ‘improving’ is that
they are in a kind of trance over their values and goals.

Sometimes improving can be maintaining the status quo or even letting go of goals and activities that don’t serve you. It’s like those size 8 clothes you’ve been holding onto for 5 years even though you haven’t been a size 8 for some time. Time to let go. Give them to Goodwill, let someone else enjoy them.

Goals are the same as the prudent holding on to clothes you hope to
wear. Goals that have no timeline don’t have a chance to morph and tend to be empty.

Waking from this trance and enjoying new clothes that fit and new
goals with juice is truly improving yourself.

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