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Small Steps

Small Steps

Losing Weight with Small Steps

Clients who want to improve their self image always benefit from losing weight with small steps. Learning a habit of using small steps to make any change you want is important.

It’s important to break down your desire to make a change into small steps.

You might ask yourself what you imagine you can do to make change and decide that losing weight would help.

The idea and process is to keep asking yourself questions until you’ve reached a very small step.

An example of this process:

  • What would you like to accomplish?… Losing weight.
  • Are you sure it’s weight or do you want to be more fit?… No, I have to lose weight before becoming more fit.
  • What if you did both?… That would be okay.

(Not very motivated)

  • How will you lose weight?… Eat less high calorie food.
  • Eat how much less high calorie food…

And so you can see how being vague about what you’ll do to reach your goal is hampering you whereas asking more and more questions to get down to specific, next small steps will give you something you can actually sink your teeth into.

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