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Stopped Avoiding

Stopped Avoiding

How I stopped Avoiding My Bike

When clients come to me to learn focus and self-control, I tell them how I stopped avoiding my bike.

I have an exercise bike in the basement. I can see it as I write; black, comfortable-looking seat, instructions and opportunity on the dashboard.

But there was a time when being able to see this positive image wouldn’t motivate me to go down and ride.

I became successful and stopped avoiding it by taking the following small steps.

  • I placed my sneakers and a variety of socks in a green carrying case right next to the bike. Then I went about my day.
  • I Selected 3 tee shirts for exercise and placed them, along with appropriate bike shorts on the bedroom chair so I could see them when I get out of be in the morning. I couldn’t avoid seeing them.
  • I pushed myself a little and committed to riding the bike for 5 minutes. Any time of day, but in the morning, if possible.
  • Next day, I managed to grab the clothes, slip on the sneakers and ride for 5 minutes (3 times the first week).
  • While I was riding for 5 minutes, I realized this small step was naturally encouraging me to challenge myself a little.
  • The next week, I decided to try 10 minutes for 3 days.
  • The third week, I felt pulled by the bike as it was making me feel more energetic after riding. I felt more alert. I chose to ride it 5 days that week, for 10 minutes.
  • I didn’t let myself go 15 minutes just to see how it would feel to control this lesson in motivation.
  • The fourth week I was used to grabbing my tee shirt and shorts, slipping on my shoes and getting on the bike with my Ipod and earphones. I allowed myself to ride 15 minutes for 3 of the 5 days and on the last two days, rode for 20 minutes.

Small steps helped me make riding bike compelling and notice how much better I felt after doing it. I had begun to create a habit.

I’m sure my brain was beginning to build a new neural pathway.

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