How to Live Simply

How to Live Simply

Living simply can be the best help for stress and the best help for anxiety.

Following a simpler life:

Helen and Scott Nearing wrote the book, Living the Good Life,

in 1954, about living in Jamaica, Vermont. The book

became a manifesto for the back-to-the land movement

of the late 1960’s. From their perspective, the good life

was a simple life of breaking the day into 3 segments:

First: Do work, usually physical labor, that would

provide food (they built a greenhouse, stone storage buildings made

out of stones they gathered from the land).

Second: Do work that provided income. For the Nearings,

it was tending to their Sugar Maple Trees.

Third: Play. Helen usually played music and

Scott studied and wrote about economics.

Can you divide your day into three segments?

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: What happened to the Nearings?

Imagine Changes: They moved to Maine and again applied the same

simple living techniques to their lives. Blueberries became their cash crop.

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