How to Feel More Self-Respect

More Self-Respect

How to Feel More Self-Respect

Clients come to me feeling badly about themselves. They want to learn how to feel more self-respect and many have stories of low self-esteem going back to their childhood.

The beginning of self-respect comes when you can talk about yourself in a positive way, remembering activities and accomplishments that you’ve  enjoyed.

It’s helpful if you have a journal to write down all the areas of your life where you will find the good things and not so good you do for yourself and others. By writing things down and including those things for which you feel gratitude, you’ll start to recognize a pattern.

The pattern may be a tendency to look at things cynically or it may be a pattern you’ve developed in response to someone or something in your life that you haven’t realized to be toxic.

Once you identify a pattern, you can begin to change it.

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