How to Become More Alert

Become More Alert

How to Become More Alert

When I have a client who is obviously stuck in a dullness, both mentally and physically, I tell them the following story.

This story is from the book ‘The Secrets of Being Happy’ by Richard Bandler and Garner Thomson. ( Find it at your favorite book seller)

…Conventional medicine described the client as having a ‘depressed affect’. when asked if he was aware of how slowly and deliberately (and how boringly) he spoke, he shrugged. ‘It’s not me,’ he said. “The world just moves too fast”

They continue:

“We asked him to close his eyes and listen to an electronic metronome set at different speeds until he found one he felt matched the sixty beats a second of external clock time. Needless to say, his estimate was far from accurate. Since he was already drifting into an altered state, he was allowed to sit for some time, listening to the metronome accompanied by a number of suggestions about resetting his internal time-keeping mechanisms.”

And so they went on to gradually increase the rate of the metronome while they made helpful suggestions…when the metronome finally was at sixty beats per second, he was asked some questions. When he answered, his tone of voice was higher and he spoke at a normal rate of speed. He said he didn’t notice the difference, and he continued to feel relaxed and confident.

NLP is fascinating and helpful.

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