How to Become More Comfortable with Strangers

Comfortable with Strangers

How to Become More Comfortable with Strangers

Clients come to me for help with their fear of social situations and how to become more comfortable with strangers.


They often imagine that it’s a phobia and tell me they have been talking themselves into feeling ‘afraid’ over and over again, proving themselves right.

You can see how this can be a loop that is hard to pull away from .

The secret to becoming more comfortable is to practice the skills that allow people to enjoy meeting each other.

Depending on what you say to yourself to stay in your loop, I will suggest whole sentences to practice saying aloud so that you get used to hearing your voice speaking in an appropriate way.

Another part of the secret is to learn to become more interested in the other person than you are over your discomfort. This too takes practice, but the shift in attention works toward a real change.

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