How to Be Heard

  1. Be silent for just a brief moment. Engage with your listener visually.
  2. Use the word ‘I’ and own your statements.
  3. Be conscious of the words you use. This takes practice but it is fun to try to convey your point of view by using the right words.
  4. The ‘right words’ will be determined by your attitude. Feeling serious? Feeling humorous? Feeling passionate? There are choices to be made.
  5. Be sure to give the conversation your full attention. No multi-tasking.
  6. Thinking the best of your listener (and of yourself) creates optimum focus for both of you.
  7. Be yourself. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. People recognize the truth. Speak up. People will want to hear you.

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: I feel anxious when I concentrate on myself. What do you think?

Imagine Changes: It simply takes practice.

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