Go Forward to Decide What You Want

Go Forward

Go Forward to Decide What You Want

Rather than dredging up the past it’s very helpful to go forward to decide what you want instead of your problems.

It’s much easier to state what you don’t want in life than what you do. This is where to begin.

One NLP technique to help you get some clarity over what you truly want is to imagine yourself from the perspective of the future.

Some people imagine a line out in front of them. Directly in front is now, while the future is to the far right, the past to the far left.

Imagine yourself being at the far right end of this line and look back on all the time that has passed from now to then.

  1. Ask yourself what you’d like to see having occurred.
  2. What have you accomplished and what did you do about that problem you were so concerned with?
  3. See the quality of your life. Don’t let yourself be bogged down with thoughts from ‘now’.
  4. Be sure money is not an obstacle in this exercise.
  5. This is your life, make it full of whatever is important to you.

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