Get Lost in Your Daydreams

Lost in a Daydream

Get Lost in Your Daydreams

You probably can recall a time when you were jolted out of a reverie by someone calling your name or the car behind you blowing their horn. Where were you?

Getting lost in your daydreams is the same as being in a hypnotic trance. The trick is to be able to use this pleasant state of mind for relaxation and creativity.


In order to learn excellent focus, you have to learn how to be flexible. You want to be able to return from a daydream state feeling good no matter what interrupts you.

You can practice daydreaming or going into trance by sitting with your eyes raised and focused toward the ceiling where the walls create a corner.

You can also choose a different object on which to focus such as a flower,  or  something that’s significant to you.

Let your thoughts float and drift freely, noticing them but not forcing them.

Soon you’ll learn that you can focus on ideas and creativity in this way and help yourself gain a new perspective.

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