Finish Your Projects and You’ll Feel Better

Finish Your Projects

Finish Your Projects and You’ll Feel Better

When clients come to me feeling stuck or overwhelmed, one of the first things I suggest is for them to finish their projects to feel better.

If you leave tasks unfinished, whether they’re things you love to do or must do, it can create a type of anxiety that is like a constant underlying hum in your life.


Being interrupted and multi-tasking can create a pile of unfinished tasks. Often you can’t control this input and this is where making a plan can help.

Schedule a time to make a list of all unfinished tasks. Throw out those things you know you’re not going to do and concentrate in a systematic way on those that you will do.

Watch yourself feel better and better as you cross the items off the list. If you can’t complete everything in one day, include the unfinished tasks in tomorrow’s list.

New habits take several weeks to learn. Don’t give up!

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