Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Nap

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Nap

There seems to be lots of advice in the current media about sleeping. People aren’t getting enough and there is medical evidence that the body and mind suffer as a result. I always ask my clients if they’re feeling overwhelmed and if so to take a nap.


Just a short nap, 20 minutes or so can refresh you enough to shake the feeling of  being overwhelmed. To really reset your body and mind, an hour of napping can enhance the learning you may be undertaking.

There are recent studies that show how people can retain more information by resting after being told a story. The study included instructing another group of people to listen to the same information but to play a video game afterwards instead of resting.

Hands down those who rested retained the information more completely and for a longer time.

Schedule a nap into your day. You’ll feel refreshed all day long.

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