The first thing I noticed about you was that you listened. You heard me and developed a plan around my specific needs. Just like you said you would. Thank you.

—Anna B

I’ve struggled with anxiety and shame over my OCD for years. You were able to give me perspective and tools that I can use daily. I now know how to work on my condition.


Sabra took time to get to know me and to help me identify my needs to grow both personally and professionally. She gave me many tools to deal with situations to reach a successful close so that it became a win-win solution for everyone involved. I highly recommend Sabra as a coach because she is very knowledgeable and finds creative ways for her clients to improve themselves.

—Carrie Escobar

The sessions we’ve had using hypnosis and coaching have rocketed me into the kind of self confidence I once dreamed of. Thank you.


The shifts in thinking, feeling and behaving make me a fan of hypnosis and NLP. I want more!

—John S. Portland Oregon

Despite a happy marriage, a successful career and a generally fulfilling life with friends and many outside interests, there was still a part of me locked into negative habits and mindsets I’d developed as a child. But then I met Sabra and our sessions together were remarkable. It was as if a laser of light was focused on the blockage that had held me back all these years. Freedom from the past is a reality! I would encourage anyone who is looking to be their best self to give themselves the gift of working with Sabra Redfern.


I really want to thank you for the amazing work you do. This holiday season, I am grateful for professionals like you are able to help so many people in need. I owe getting through this semester to working with you. Everyone needs their very own Sabra

—Miss H

I enjoyed our fun sessions and the technique you used to improve my game. My colleagues are envious of my new confidence. I’m afraid I’ve turned your success into my well-kept secret!


I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for when I started my search, but I picked Sabra because of her multi-level approach to problem solving, which I found intriguing. You can read about it on her Imagine Changes website. She's warm and friendly, and will dig deep to help you sort things out. I recommend!

—Cynthia P.

I was struggling with insomnia and emotional overeating, issues that had been ongoing problems for me for many years, despite numerous and varied attempts to overcome them, including conventional therapy. I had never tried hypnotherapy but based on a friend’s recommendation of Sabra’s abilities, I decided to give her a call. What a positive and life changing decision! My sessions with Sabra were soothing and empowering, and immediately effective, with progressive improvement over a relatively few number of sessions. In addition Sabra helping me “clean house” mentally and emotionally, she provided me simple but powerful tools and techniques that have continued to support the lasting changes I’ve been able to create in my life. I’m sleeping better than I have in years and have been able to resolve eating issues that had plagued me for literally decades. Years of experience, professionalism and knowledge are a given with her. She is a highly skilled and open-minded practitioner. Her demeanor is warm, generous, and compassionate. She is a great listener, provides insightful feedback, and is empathetic, intuitive, and real. Sabra has my highest recommendation

—Kim F.

I met Sabra in a social setting and over the span of a year, we built a non professional relationship. As life continued to happen, it became apparent that I could benefit from her expertise. I have now spent more than a year working with Sabra and have enjoyed/benefited from every minute of it. One take away from working with Sabra that comes to mind is the control I now have over my internal communication. Prior to our work, I had difficulties not just controlling this talk, but troubles translating the mental discussion into words out of my mouth. Our work has proven very effective in managing and productively using the important intercommunication to better my external life!

—Isaac S.

I began 2012 wanting a job change and started seeing Sabra. By the end of the year I had successfully changed jobs, passed difficult certification testing in my industry and navigated several serious family crises. I'm not sure how we accomplished all this, but NLP and hypnosis were prominent, as well as Sabra's insightful caring intelligence. Thanks, Sabra.

—Suzanne E.

Sabra has become an important part of my personal development in sorting through the myriad of issues I've carried with me since childhood. I've had fewer anxiety dreams and have started being able to form relationships, and keep them, without sabotaging them early on. I'm learning to forgive and grow. I would highly recommend working with her.

—Kathy L.

Sabra is a wonderful life coach who is intelligent, focused, and direct. She helps me to get excellent results quickly-it is almost always within one or two sessions, which I find incredibly effective. Working with her is like working with the most highly trained therapist you could ever find, yet without the therapy BS that ends up taking years and years. She will gently cut to the chase and get you on your way with the tools you need to get exactly what you want at any point in your life. I return to Sabra whenever I feel like I'm at an impasse and I need an expert to help guide me. It's always positive and she makes even the complicated stuff seem easy. I highly recommend her services.

—Karen L.

Sabra is an amazing counselor!! She is a wonderful listener and gets to the heart of the matter immediately. She has helped not only me, but my family members also, to overcome stumbling blocks and meet our personal goals. She is able to whittle a problem down to it's essence and make it much easier to solve. She is excellent at guiding you toward change and making it seem easy and non threatening. I highly recommend her services, especially if you want timely results.

—Rita L.

Taking the time to write this honest review for a person that went above and beyond to turn my life around! Thank you so much Sabra. When I moved to a new city for work I was at a low point in my life. I had just lost my home and was forced to make a career change I didn't want. It was harsh, and I didn't feel like I was getting anything done at work because I kept worrying about my finances and relationship. All my goals I had previously set seemed impossible now. Only someone who has suffered such a spectacular collapse could understand this feeling I'm describing. I got to know of Sabra's services from a buddy who knew someone who had been seeing her, and insisted that I try her out. I had previously been seeing a couple of other therapists using more conventional (and expensive!) methods but wasn't getting much out of it. I'm a skeptic by nature so I guess I was hesitant to try something new. He arranged a free phone call with Sabra for me and her attention to detail and wise responses really impressed me! In my opinion her techniques seem sound and scientific, unlike a lot of stuff other NLP practitioners are selling. More importantly they're delivered with care and genuine concern. I remember that the first thing we spoke about was what I really wanted from my life. It sounds simple but believe me, you'll be dumbfounded by how much more clarity this brings to your life! Sabra was patient with my skepticism and took the time to explain things to me carefully. It's hard to put in words, but I'd say the following sessions progressively developed a motivation and purpose in me that I hadn't felt in a long time. Sabra spent a lot of extra hours with me to make sure I was improving, and I was. Sabra, I'd like to offer my sincere gratitude for your guidance, friendship, and sincere desire to help people like me. 🙂

—Marc P.

Sabra is truly skilled at what she does. She helped me see things in a light that I could not have found on my own. She gave me clarity and helped me muddle through work issues and life changes that inspired me to do better, aim higher and trust in myself. Her gentle way mixed in with firm direction allowed me to feel perfectly comfortable to be myself and be totally open and honest. She asks the hard questions that help one self reflect and dig deep. She is also very good at getting to point quickly and you leave her office feeling energized and purposeful. I felt empowered by her sessions and more focused and goal oriented. She is kind, super smart, intuitive and also has a great sense of humor. A very positive experience.

—Maureen S.

The session I had with Sabra made me understand my situation better. She took time to understand to understand me through a series of question and answer, probing into issues I didn't know could affect me as they did. We then came up with a plan that suits my needs and it's been helping tremendously. This plan is helping me everyday to grow personally, professionally, and in other important areas of life. Sabra is very knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and very different from other life coaches I have met.

—Steven A.