Catch Yourself Before You Really Start to Fall

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Catch Yourself

Catch Yourself Before You Really Start to Fall

I suggest to clients that you can catch yourself before you really start to fall by paying attention to the small things.


Taking care of the moments creates hours full of successes.

Yet, consider how infrequently you’ve had big successes throughout your life.

This is not unusual. Most of us enjoy only  several points of truly pivotal success.

Looking at these landmarks as a series of meaningful moments in the past and those moments of relishing in the afterglow reveals the simple truth of where the enjoyment lies.

A helpful way to think about this is the enjoyment of anticipation and the pleasure of memory.

The 4 moments of singing a song perfectly are made richer by the countless moments of practice before and the gratification ever after.

Learning to be aware of the small moments will give you the assurance you need that you won’t fall.

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