Best Ever Self-Hypnosis Series: A Summary

Best Ever Self-Hypnosis Series: A Summary

You learned:

  1. By becoming aware of your authentic inner voice, you began to build a foundation of your own true strength and self confidence.
  2. Beginning with a goal in mind you made the desire for more self confidence scalable. Giving the feeling of your desire a number from 0-10, you wanted to change, improve and/or achieve enough to feel it.
  3. Once you felt the pull toward doing this, in your body, then you needed to dig deeper knowing that being pulled is better than being pushed.
  4. Relaxation is essential to learning self-hypnosis and achieving the inner strength you desire.
  5. Repeating the techniques allows you to remember them with the goal toward being able to use them whenever you like.
  6. Quick relaxation toward your self-hypnosis helps you become centered and focused.
  7. Breathing is the secret to relaxation.
  8. Using the technique of the ‘I Am’ statement gives you focus and the ability to change.
  9. You learned to visualize yourself exactly the way you want to be, doing what you want to do, being the way you choose to be. You saw this in life-sized color, and heard yourself saying something about it, using as much of your senses as you could. You fully experienced this at the unconscious level and as you visualized it, you felt good. You created that picture and held onto it.
  10. You were encouraged to teach the technique to a friend so as to make it your own.


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