Because You’re Too Sensitive?

Because You’re Too Sensitive?

Emotional sensitivity can be a very good thing, just as a certain amount of stress is a good thing. Important though, is when you are more emotionally sensitive than those around you, not to compare your experience with theirs.(They’ll be envious)! You can bet on it, that you’re experiencing the joy of listening to music, tasting good food or viewing color, art or film more intensely than they are. You may be exhilarated while your friends are simply enjoying themselves. By getting help for stress or anxiety, the down side of being ‘overly sensitive’,  you can count on getting the very most out of your wonderful life. And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too sensitive!

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: I tend to cry more than my friends do and it’s embarrassing. What should I do?

Imagine Changes: Well, it depends on what you’re feeling when you cry. Not crying is overrated. Tears of joy? Feeling empathy? Not so bad, is it?

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