Are You Resilient?

Are You Resilient?

My friend, Ray, suggested I post a comment about resiliency. Thanks, Ray! According to Ben Carry of the NY Times, research shows an increase in resiliency of people who experience and work through difficult events in their lives. I quote: “New research suggests that resilience may have at least as much to do with how often people have faced adversity in the past as it does with who they are.” The point is that frequency matters. Not too much adversity, not too little. Best is somewhere in the middle. It’s like the exercising of a muscle. We can see that the number of times a person experiences and works through adversity is directly related to their increase in resiliency. I think most of us are building our resiliency muscles as I write.

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: Do you mean we can be resilient even when the odds seem against us?

Imagine Changes: Yes! This is a nurture versus nature issue.

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