Approval : Dare to be Yourself

Approval : Dare to be Yourself

Dare to be yourself. The only approval you need is self-approval. Of course we want to please and have the approval of  those we like and love, but our self-worth is a solitary quality. Self- monitored. How much do you value yourself? How would you know if you have strong self-approval?

Try to answer these questions:

  • Do you listen without needing to respond?
  • Would someone else’s opinion of your work make you feel better about it?
  • Would you do a better job knowing someone, anyone approved?
  • Is the sunset awe-inspiring for you even when you’re alone?
  • Do you laugh out loud when you’re alone?
  • Does your personal development hinge on what other’s think?

Interesting .

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: The way you put it, there is no end to being self-aware.

Imagine Changes: That’s right!

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