With Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, You Will Reach Your Life Goals

Life is full of challenges and we all need a helping hand once in a while. I developed Imagine Changes from the realization that I love helping others, have useful life experiences, tools and education to do so. I am passionate over my work!

About Me:

Sabra Redfern

Sabra Redfern

Very early in my life I knew I wanted to be a singer and musician. I knew without a doubt, both consciously and unconsciously that my love for music would propel me toward the life I imagined for myself. I found opportunities to realize my goal by the age of 14.  I became a professional musician and vocalist by the age of 20 and continued to manifest my dreams for the next 30 years.

I believe the clarity and passion I was lucky enough to have, guided me to my successes.

Professional music is a late-night lifestyle and I wanted to know the feeling of an early-morning lifestyle. I chose to become a Realtor, helping people realize their dreams of making houses into homes.

After thoroughly experiencing ‘business’, I knew I wanted a change. Using the same core values of clarity, focus and passion, I imagined how I would be able to help people in more significant ways.  My desire and curiosity opened the door for me to learn another extension of my love for using the imagination, as with music, and encouraging others to use their imagination to create the life they desire. I have been lucky to choose my direction throughout my life and find a way to realize my goals. One small step at a time.

Knowing I had the passion, being prepared and having the right opportunities created my luck. I believe it’s possible for everyone to realize their potential. Using the skills of Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching, I am motivated every day to help people imagine and realize their changes.

I know the process of helping others utilizes the same parts of me as when I began dreaming about music at age 10. My heart sings with the smallest success of each client.