Decisions: A ‘Parts’ Problem

Decisions: A ‘Parts’ Problem

When you hear yourself saying ‘it’s just like a part of me’ and you might continue with …’wants to exercise’ and another part of me ‘wants to avoid discomfort’, you’ll know you have a ‘parts’ challenge.

Try this:

  • Take one of these 2 parts and pretend it’s sitting in the chair across from you.
  • Give it a shape. Such as ‘Wants to Exercise’ as a  square…like a block.
  • Give it a color. ‘Wants to exercise’ becomes a red block.
  • Now imagine the part that wants to ‘avoid discomfort’ resting on the table in front of the chair.
  • Give it a different shape and color.
  • Relax and prepare to give a voice to each part…
  • Visualize the red block and ask it what the highest benefit would be for you about exercising…
  • Next, see the shape and color of the ‘avoiding discomfort’ and ask it what the highest benefit for you would be by avoiding…
  • Now place the objects side by side and see them both as supportive.
  • Aha! Both parts want something very similar, don’t they?

                                             Have fun with this.

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