9 Ways to Improve Your Health

Advice is readily available to you on this subject, but if considering personal development, hypnotherapy and NLP in portland, then a perspective through these filters is helpful.

  1. Be aware of or learn about the value in certain foods. The protein content, the vitamins and minerals, the calories. You don’t want there to be very many ingredients.
  2. Choose organic and non GMO (genetically modified) foods whenever possible.  This can be expensive
  3. Practice correct breathing.
  4. Set aside 15 minutes a day to be quiet, see what thoughts come up.
  5. Move your body continuously for 30 minutes everyday. This can be walking, or doing whatever comes to mind. Be creative.
  6. Watch how you talk to yourself. Hear your words. Are they encouraging? You can make yourself sick with negative self-talk.
  7. Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday (as often as possible
  8. Remind yourself that the routines you create lay the groundwork (and free you up) for more important activities.
  9. Feeling gratitude for all you have, recognizing your connection with others in a positive way and practicing anything that encourages focus are part of the prescription.

Be sure to laugh everyday. Have fun. Often.

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