6 Ways to Raise the Bar on Your Personal Development

As a personal development coach in Portland, I teach that personal development can involve many parts of our lives from business goals to retirement goals. See where you stand by fully considering this list.

  1. Set aside an hour. Take pen and paper, or sit at your computer, and write down 20 things that you want to accomplish.
  2. Where will you be if you accomplish the above?
  3. How will you be as a person once you’ve completed the list? Huh? You might say at this helpful yet ambiguous question. I mean, ‘How’ not ‘Why’ and any way that you answer this is the right way. Using the ‘how’ word opens up many possibilities for self realization, so, just go with it.
  4. Write down the names of the people in your life who are important to you. Then write how and why they’re important. Are they essential to your success? Do they play a role?
  5. Remember a time when you felt perfectly confident and happy, and where in your body do you feel this happy feeling, recalled by this event? Your stomach, your chest? Pay attention to this.
  6. Now think of your list of 20. What stands out for you that has the same energetic emotion as in your perfect memory? You can judge this by noticing if you feel it in the same place as you did in your happy memory event.
  7. Revise your list if you need to. Those things that didn’t give you any physical sensation may be important to do, but put them at the end of the list.

Enjoy learning this process. Anything you do that uses this positive emotion will pull you toward success.


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