6 Mistakes and Pain Relief

6 Mistakes and Pain Relief

With pain relief, I’m sure we can all think of more than 6 mistakes, but here are some basic mistakes for you to consider:

  1. We make ourselves tense and hold our bodies rigidly against the pain instead of relaxing and discovering how we might soften toward it.
  2. We focus on it to the exclusion of all else around us.
  3. We don’t know how to distract ourselves.
  4. We tell people about it who can’t help us. It’s normal to want sympathy, but it tends to backfire when you tell anyone who’ll listen about your pain.
  5. We begin to let ourselves become isolated. Once you’ve told everyone who’ll listen about your pain, you’re left with a sense of loneliness.
  6. We forget to practice self-hypnosis techniques that will help us take control of the pain ourselves.

(next post for some suggestions to eliminate these mistakes)

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: How can I stop from talking about my pain all the time?

Imagine Changes: Try this: As you start to talk about it, pause and fully consider if it’s what you really want to do right at that moment. You’ll make the right decision.

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