5 Ways You Can Prepare to Quit Smoking

1. Sit down and write the reasons you want to quit smoking.

Do this with pen and paper, not on the computer, because putting

thoughts down using your hand in this way, lets you go deeper.

2. Fully consider what you wrote down and read this out loud

to hear any inconsistencies. Make adjustments.

3. Next, review the reasons you want to quit smoking and

this time pay attention to how you feel about each one.

Having strong feelings attached to your reasons is the

key to success. By the time most of my clients in Portland

call me for help, they’re ready to quit smoking and they’ve

completed this process on their own.

4. Look at your calendar and choose a specific date to stop.

Call me. Make a commitment by making an appointment

for hypnotherapy.

5. On the day of the appointment, you agree not to smoke upon waking.

Be sure your house, car and clothes are clean and free of the odor of smoke.

Keep the appointment.

Ask Imagine Changes:

Question: What if I start smoking again after a hypnosis session with you?

Imagine Changes: Some people need to have more than just one session.

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